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    What we can offer you:

     SK1000 2 Door Gen 3 Chiller
    Some of our services – all include Advice and quality Service
    ·         Refrigeration Maintenance and Service
    ·         Swimming Pool Heating systems
    ·         Cool rooms, Freezers rooms & Refrigerated Cabinets
    ·         Winery Refrigeration
    ·         Process Cooling for server rooms
    ·         Super Market refrigeration & ventilation systems
    ·         Heat reclaim and energy efficiency
    ·         Glycol and chilled water system maintenance
    ·         Air curtains
    ·         Air conditioning / heat pumps
    ·         Ventilation & extraction systems, Fresh Air
    ·         Design build options
    ·         Building mechanical services
    ·         IQP inspections and reports
    ·         Cooling towers maintenance
    ·         Comprehensive Planned preventative maintenance Programmes
    ·         Building Warrant of Fitness Qualified (BWOF)
    ·         Building management systems 
    ·         Computer room air systems
    ·         Refrigeration leak detection systems
     Heat transfer technologyYCSE
    Why call us
    Hawke's Bay Refrigeration are specialists in providing service and maintenance for all your refrigeration and air conditioning equipment. We believe in providing you the expertise, resources, professionalism and results with the attention to detail of a local service provider.
    We recommend a comprehensive planned preventative maintenance plan for all our clients to ensure that
    ·         your equipment continues to operate efficiently and within manufactures specifications
    ·         building complies with the building act
    ·         potential problems are pinpointed in advance

    When you call us out you can expect a service team who:
    ·         Responds quickly
    ·         Is professional and committed
    ·         Knows your equipment
    ·         Informs you of work carried out and potential problems
    ·         Efficient and timely Solutions
    Building Warrant of Fitness
    Hawke's Bay Refrigeration has a experienced Independent Qualified Person (IQP) in Building Warrant of Fitness. We maintain knowledge of the Building Act 2004, Building Code and other relevant regulatory requirements. Which in turn will ensure safer and healthy working surroundings are provided for employees and tenants and to provide an environment in line with your vision and objectives?
    We are specialist who can:
    ·         Manage the BWOF process on your behalf
    ·         Provides a professional and stress free service
    ·         Carry out all annual inspections.
    ·         Carry out monthly owner’s inspections
    ·         Liaise with council
    ·         Contract and manage any other regular maintenance contractors
    ·         Supply an on site Building Warrant of Fitness Logbook responsibilities
    ·         Provide support for business owners regarding their Building Warrant of Fitness
    ·         Are available to provide specified owners inspections where required
    Contact us for all your requirements - Phone 06 878 8002
    Building warrant of fitness process
    Inspections and maintenance of specified systems
    The compliance schedule prescribes the inspection, maintenance and reporting procedures that must be carried out for each specified system. These procedures will generally require specialist inspections and maintenance by independent qualified persons to ensure continued effective operation of those specified systems.
    When you appoint us as your independent qualified persons, it is important to do your research, as we want to develop a long-term working relationship with you.  We provide each site with a Building Warrant of Fitness Logbook to keep records of all inspection, maintenance and repairs undertaken in the previous 24 months. The records must, as a minimum, include:
    • Details of any inspection, test or preventative maintenance carried out, including dates, work undertaken, faults found, remedies applied, and the person who performed the work
    • Details of any other faults found or maintenance and repair work undertaken to maintain the system in working order, including dates, work undertaken, faults found, remedies applied and the person who performed the work.  
    A Building Warrant of Fitness is required if you have any of the following specified systems:
    ·         Automatic Fire Suppression
    ·         Auto / Manual Emergency Warning System
    ·         Auto Gas Detection
    ·         Auto Door
    ·         Access Controlled Doors
    ·         Interfaced Fire / Smoke Doors / Windows
    ·         Emergency Lighting
    ·         Escape Route / Lift Pressurisation
    ·         Riser Mains
    ·         Auto Back Flow Preventer
    ·         Passenger Lifts
    ·         Service Lifts Fume Cupboards
    ·         Escalators and moving walks
    ·         Mechanical Ventilation / Air Conditioning
    ·         Building Maintenance Unit
    ·         Fume Cupboards
    ·         Audio Loops / Listening Devices
    ·         Smoke Controls Systems
    ·         Emergency Power Systems
    • Means of escape
    Design and Installation
    When you call Hawke's Bay Refrigeration for your refrigeration solution, we can provide you with a full design build service.
    We provide engineering solutions through innovative design.  We draw our wealth of knowledge from many years and people operating within the local refrigeration industry.
    Hawke's Bay Refrigeration takes pride in our designs and a have a committed team to provide a quality design build for commercial and industrial refrigeration
    We have developed strong and solid working relationships with some of New Zealands foremost aquatic specialists.
    Talk to us for your solution - Phone 06 878 8002.
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