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    Heat Pumps for Heating & Cooling

    Our advice to you is - To Invest in the best heat pump system -  see the latest Mitsubishi Electric Range of Heat Pumps or view the brochures  Heat Pump Systems  Also Wifi Heat Pump Control now available of many of the High wall models - 'so you never have to return to a cold home again.'

    Ensuring your heat pump is the right size for your home is just as
    important as choosing the right style.

    Correct sizing is crucial in ensuring you receive optimal comfort levels for your home. Selecting a heat pump which is too small for the area you are trying to heat will result in increased noise, poor performance and higher power consumption as the unit works to achieve heating levels beyond its capability. Installing a heat pump which is too large will create draughts and uneven heat output.

    Hawke's Bay Refrigeration offer's you

    • Installation of Heat Pump systems sized to ensure optimal comfort levels
    • Over 20 years in the Heat Pump / Air Conditioning Industry
    • Fully trained and qualified and installation technicians
    • Service all brands of air conditioning/heat pumps
    • Design build options for complete home heating / cooling  requirements
    • Annual preventative maintenance on all brands of Air Conditioner
    • Local Hawke's Bay owned and operated Company


    Why call us

    Hawke's Bay Refrigeration are specialists in providing installation, service and maintenance for all your refrigeration and air conditioning equipment. We believe in providing you the expertise, resources, professionalism and results with the attention to detail of a local service provider.

    When providing a heat pump quote it is crucial that it is sized correctly to ensure optimal comfort level for your home.  Selecting a heat pump that is too small for the area you are trying to heat will result in increased noise and poor performance. We pride ourselves on selecting the correct heat pump for your home - taking the age of the home, insulation and amount of glass into consideration.

    If you already have a heat pump installed we recommend a planned preventative maintenance plan for all our clients to ensure that your air conditioning equipment continues to operate efficiently and within manufactures specifications and to ensure warranty validation. 

    As part of the annual maintenance check were will carry out the following checks

    • Chemical clean and deodorisation of filters and indoor coil
    • Check condensate drain of indoor unit and outdoor outlet
    • Check condensing unit clear of greenery
    • Check and tighten electrical connections
    • Visual inspection for excessive noise
    • Testing of overall operation of unit in all modes


    When you call us out you can expect a service team who:

    • Responds quickly
    • Is professional and committed
    • Knows your equipment
    • Informs you of work carried out and potiental problems
    • Repairs the problem the first time

    Design and Installation

    When you call Hawke's Bay Refrigeration for your refrigeration solution, we can provide you with a full design build service.

    We provide engineering solutions through inovative design.  We draw our wealth of knowledge from many years and people operating within the local refrigeration industry.

    Talk to us for your solution - Phone 06 878 8002.

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