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New Heat pump Range - Designer Series

 Created to suite even those with the most discerning style. With elegant, clean lines the Designer Series is available in a glossy black, matte silver or classic white – complementing your home’s décor and existing appliances.ted o suit even those with the most discerning style. With elegant, clean lineglossy black, mae silver or classic white – complementingme’s decor and existing appliances.

Three Colours To Choose From

Designed to suit even those with the most discerning style. With elegant, clean lines the Designer Series is available in matte silver, a glossy black or classic white – complementing your home’s decor and existing appliances

For more information on the Designer Heat Pump click >>> Designer


HYPERCORE for Winter Conditions

Get a Mitsubishi Heat PumpHigh Wall MSZ-FB~VAH

High Performance – Why it is important for Hawke's Bay 

 The ability of a heat pump to work efficiently in low temperatures is not only important in areas where the temperature falls below zero degrees. Good low temperature performance is essential in all winter conditions.

 The advanced HyperCore® technology exclusive to Mitsubishi Electric, allows the heat pump to deliver its fully rated capacity (their full heating potential) down to temperatures as cold as -15°C. This technology also allows a heat pump to perform better in areas with high humidity and at high altitude. Even in the most moderate of New Zealand’s regional climates there are many benefits associated with HyperCore’s advanced technology. 

More Effective in Defrost Mode

 All heat pumps are required to enter a defrost mode, when temperatures plummet. Defrost mode, is when your heat pump is warming up the outdoor unit and so either stops heating or pumps out cool air. Some heat pumps spend longer in defrost than others and because of this can allow a room to cool down or not provide heat as you require it. Hypercore technology allows for fewer defrost cycles. This means you are always getting the heat that you are paying for, not wasting energy while your heat pump struggles to warm up.

 Less defrost cycles mean less overall power usage and higher, real energy efficiency.

Get Heat Faster

 The sophisticated technology behind a HyperCore heat pump allows the heat pump to move air off the outdoor unit faster, allowing the indoor unit to heat the room more rapidly. This means it delivers heat to your home faster. Once a heat pump reaches the temperature you want, the heat pump can then idle, and with the fan speed reduced – and you can enjoy cosy, quiet warmth.

Simply Put...

 Think cars – whilst a two litre, four cylinder car may tow a caravan up a hill; it will have to work its heart out to do so! It will therefore be slower, have higher maintenance costs and will use a lot of fuel. A V8 will pull the same caravan up the hill with ease, never stressing or over revving and will be highly efficient doing so.

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The Mitsubishi Electric Advantage

Choose a Heat Pump that’s actually designed to heat.
(You’d be surprised how many aren’t)

If you want efficient and effective home heating, Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pumps have a distinct advantage. Why? Because while most Heat Pumps are actually designed to cool, ours start with heating in mind. Naturally, our systems will also keep you cool in summer. But by focusing on warmth, Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pumps are better at doing what New Zealanders want them to do... keep you warm in winter.

The Mitsubishi Electric Advantage is also clearly evident in other ways. For example, our GE-Series Heat Pumps are proven to be the quietest in New Zealand*. And if you live in a colder part of the country, a HyperCore® Heat Pump is guaranteed to outperform the rest. We’ve developed unique energy saving features that no other brand has matched, and we’ve styled our products with your home and family environment in mind.

Click here for more information on the Mitsubishi Electric Advantage.