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Commerical Refrigeration Servicing

At Hawke's Bay Refrigeration we cover all the wider Hawke's Bay and Central Hawke's Bay area. 

Our qualified refrigeration engineers are skilled in a large variety refrigeration systems.  From Skope cabinets to large packhouse refrigeration. We service it all.

We are able to advise on solving issues with refrigeration systems including streamlining existing systems for energy reduction, heat recovery or increasing system capacity.

We provide:

  • Servicing on all commerical refrigeration systems
  • Regular maintenance contracts
  • Building Warrant of Fitness 
  • Energy efficient systems and savings
  • High standard of service 
  • Locally owned and operated.
  • Call in the experts at Hawke's Bay Refrigeration when you need industrial or refrigeration expertise 878 8002.

Service and Instruction Manuals

Annual Maintenance of Your Heat Pump

Hawke's Bay Refrigeration and Mitsubishi Heat Pumps recommends the following maintenance for your Heat Pump, it is a quick, cost effective way which can improve the energy efficiency of your Heat Pump.

Indoor Unit

  • Clean main air filter, wash and pat dry
  • Vacuum and blow out indoor coil with nitrogen
  • Remove vanes and clean fan scroll
  • Check electrical terminals for tightness
  • Check indoor board for loose terminals and dry joints
  • Check remote controller batteries and replace if necessary
  • Check and clean condensate drain
  • Wipe clean case and reassemble
  • Run in heating mode and check air off temperature 50oC
  • Run in cooling mode and check air off temperature 6 to 8oC

Outdoor Unit

  • Inspect unit case for corrosion clean back and treat as necessary
  • Clear any vegetation from under or around unit
  • Blow outdoor coil clean with nitrogen and wash with coil cleaner
  • Check outdoor boards for loose terminals and dry joints
  • Check electrical for tightness
  • Leak check around flare joints and unit fittings
  • Tighten valve caps and access port cap
  • Clean down outdoor unit case and wipe clean

Please give us a call at 878-8002 and we can arrange to carry out an annual preventative maintenance check of your heat pump.


For Copies of Manuals for your Mitsubishi Heat Pump please click on the following link.


Product Warranty Registration


Please click on the following link to register your Mitsubishi Heat Pump.

Thank you for purchasing your Mitsubishi Electric product. Please take the time to complete our warranty registration which will make future customer service enquiries more efficient for you.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact Mitsubishi.